Amber Prosceno, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Attunements

I offer Reiki I, II and Master attunements by appointment. I've been trained by teachers in Traditional and Non-traditional Reiki paths. I present both views so the student can follow their own path.

I encourage potential students to read Diane Stein's "Essential Reiki". I feel this book serves as an excellent guide for any Reiki practitioner. Once you have read, or at least skimmed, this book or similar material please contact me.

Set aside two to four hours for the discussion, attunement(s), and trade of Reiki. Each student is different and our shared time revolves around your desires and needs. I'll provide a printed guide specific to your level of attunement that day. We will discuss that and anything else you are interested in knowing. The actual attunement takes less than ten minutes and I always try to include as least 30 minutes for each person to give and receive. Classes of 2-3 students are preferred for this reason, but I will never turn down having Reiki performed on me in one-on-one classes. At the end of our time, I will provide you a certificate suitable for display regarding your current attunement level.


Fees for attunements are $50 for Reiki I and $80 each for Level II and Master.